Fraud Detection

Advanced Identity Verification Customization

At Dojah, we constantly strive to provide our clients with innovative solutions to enhance their onboarding processes. We are thrilled to announce the release of two additional features that will enable businesses to customize and streamline user identity verification with greater flexibility.
Detect with Brightness Level:
With this new feature, businesses can now detect a user's identity based on the brightness level of their device. This customizable percentage level allows for a more tailored identity verification process, ensuring smoother onboarding experiences for users.
Detect with Glasses On:
We understand the importance of flexibility in user identity verification. With this new feature, businesses can now choose whether to verify a user's identity with or without glasses. This option enables businesses to align their identification requirements with different use cases, accommodating for users who regularly wear glasses and ensuring user-friendly verification checks.
To access these features, simply navigate to the
Fraud Check
session within the easy onboard flow and locate the
"Detect with Liveness"
toggle. Once enabled, businesses can leverage these advanced identity verification options.
Screenshot 2023-10-24 at 10
By enabling easy adjustment of identification settings, businesses can strike the perfect balance between convenience and fraud prevention, ultimately delivering an exceptional user experience.
We believe that these new features will provide businesses with the flexibility they need while maintaining the highest levels of security and accuracy in identity verification.
To explore these exciting features and learn more about how they can be implemented within your business, please reach out to our dedicated support team.